Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted a nominee to the very first "I Love My Lunch Lady" contest!

Please continue to recognize your Food Services Staff for their efforts in nourishing our children. 

Whether he or she takes first place or not, it remains an honor to be nominated. 


We also want to extend our appreciation to our judges, Ms. Wanda Grant, Dr. Helen Morgan, and

Ms. Meg Chesley as well as the Southern California Gas Company for their generosity

and efforts in making this campaign a success!

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the "I Love My Lunch Lady" contest.

Primary Level Winner

Kelly Elementary

Carlsbad Unified School District


Congratulations to Ms. Deborah Stone's 5th Grade Class and THANK YOU for nominating Ms. Chris Mazurkiewicz!


About Ms. Chris:

At Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad, CA, Miss Chris' friendly and genuine caring personality nourishes students with encouragement as they eat breakfast, snack, and lunch. She ensures that all students understand the importance of a balanced diet and that their trays have each of the required food groups. For the past 12 years, Chris has taken it upon herself to cook with the freshest ingredients and finds innovative ways of preparing the foods that are served. No student goes hungry or without food with Miss Chris in the kitchen.

Secondary Level Winner

Whittier High School

Whittier Union High School District


Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Alvarez's Class and their I Love My Lunch Lady nominee, Kathy Tyler!


About Ms. Tyler

Kathy is the hardest working, most lovable and giving person on our campus. She, along with the other ladies and gentlemen in the cafeteria, are always there to lend ASB a hand and we truly appreciate all the hard work they do. We couldn't ask for a better cafeteria staff.