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Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted a nominee to the 2nd "I Love My Lunch Lady" contest!

Please continue to recognize your Food Services Staff for their efforts in nourishing our children. 

Whether he or she takes first place or not, it remains an honor to be nominated. 


We also want to extend our appreciation to our judges, Ms. Sarah Minkow, Ms. Stacy Sagowitz, and Dr. Robert Lewis

as well as our sponsors, the Southern California School Nutrition Association, 

Ultragrain, and Food Safety Systems for their generosity

and efforts in making this campaign a success!

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the 2nd "I Love My Lunch Lady" contest.

Primary Level Winner

Madison Elementary

Central Unified School District

Congratulations to Mr. John Reynolds' class and THANK YOU for nominating Ms. Teresa Collins!


About Ms. Teresa:

Teresa is the head of Food Services for Madison Elementary in the City of Fresno, and has done an amazing job of servicing our school community!

Secondary Level Winner

Oaks Middle School

Ontario-Montclair School District

Congratulations to Ms. Brittany Martinez's 7th and 8th grade class and their I Love My Lunch Lady nominee, Lisa Stadler!


About Ms. Lisa:

Lisa Stadler is a dedicated member and hard working lunch lady. She arrives at school around 6:30am everyday to prep breakfast for the students and stays after school everyday to prepare after school lunches for all the after school program children. Lisa is an integral part of the food preparation at Oaks Middle School and without her we would not have what we have.

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